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10 Top Benefits of Breastfeeding from a Chiropractic point of view

  1. Creating a healthier life for your baby

  2. Helps in the treatment and prevention of colic, acid reflex, constipation, and diarrhea. Things many parents already seek chiropractic treatment for!

  3. Helps in natural development of certain developmental reflexes; as even head rotation to both the right and left.

  4. Helps in soothing your child before and after an adjustment. Adjustments are what we call a chiropractic treatment/ neurological correction.

  5. Creates a healthier immune system to support your growing baby.

  6. Helps to prevent things like ear infection, RSV, whooping cough, pneumonia, and so many more viral or bacterial infections.

  7. As your baby grows and develops it helps to support healthy sleep cycles, and eating habits.

  8. As your baby progresses into childhood it helps support their developing bodies and decrease their risk of developing allergies, asthma, and eczema.

  9. As they grow as children it helps to prevent disease such as diabetes, Cohn’s disease and colitis.

  10. When they start going to the dentist it even helps prevent cavities!


Over all breastfeeding your child is right in line with the natural and holistic ways of living that we also support with regular chiropractic care!

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