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Expect the best for your family in our office

When you walk into Loving Health Chiropractic, you’ll be greeted by our friendly front office staff. You’ll check in at the front desk, do some basic paperwork, and enjoy a tour of our office. 

Then, it’s on to your Consultation and Chiropractic Exam

We will conduct a full examination and assessment using a non-invasive, painless scans using the Insight Subluxation Station (this means no x-rays!). You’ll then meet with Dr. Katie to go over your health history and chat about your health goals so we can design a Personal Care Plan that works for you.

Once that’s complete, we’ll set up your next appointment to discuss the results and formalize your Personal Care Plan. During your second appointment, you’ll receive your first adjustment. 

While the first two appointments are a bit longer, from here on out you’ll pop in for 5-10 minute appointments where we’ll follow your Personal Care Plan  Every 12 visits during your initial plan, we’ll repeat your scans to see your progress and measure what’s changed!


Wondering if the process
is the same for your kiddos?

Yes it is! We help make sure each kiddo that comes into our office is comfortable throughout the whole process.

Each room is filed with toys and books to keep them entertained, we even have fun animal room and suckers on the way out!


1147 E Long Lake Rd.
Suite 3 
Troy MI, 48085

M 10am-1pm  |  2:30pm-5pm 
T  11:30 am-1pm  |  2:30pm-4:30pm
W Closed 
TH 10am-1pm  |  2:30pm-5pm
F Closed 
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