Meet Dr. Katie

I love serving my patients. In my “I get to life” one of my absolute favorite things is that I get to show up every day and pour my heart and soul into everyone of my patients.

As a mama myself I know how hard days that come with navigating motherhood and I know how hard days that can come with trying to become a mother.

My husband Brian and I know firsthand how hard it can be to start a family because ours didn’t come easy either on top of the crazy emotional ride that pregnancy can be; our beautiful enthusiastic, independent, sassy little sparkler didn’t come easy; she's an IVF baby.  Then on our journey to her we experienced a lot of bumps; two miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy.

So, I get the road is bumping, but I feel blessed that every hardship I had to face has really led me to where I am today and where I’m meant to be, serving other mamas like you!  I love nothing more than getting to drive in deep to my patients troubles and helping them figure out the problems.

Wherever you and your family (or future family) are facing, I am so excited to begin this journey of wellness with you.

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