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It's Back to School Time! How Stressed is your Family Feeling??

So who’s feeling like this year is working up to have the potential of being even more stressful than the last?!

I know, right? It feels like there is even more uncertainty happening this year than last. Now that most of us are going back to in person learning and yet we aren’t really sure what that looks like; between wearing masks or not wearing masks, what social distancing measures may be in place or not, how will your kid or kiddos extracurricular activities look like… I KNOW it’s a lot to take in! but don’t worry we’ve got some tips, tricks, and pointers to help you set your family up for success in this new school year!!


Let’s start out with a PRE- game; before school even starts let’s get your house ready.

Start planning out the lunch schedule. Are we doing hot lunch, cold lunch, or a combo? Start brainstorming some ideas of what everyone wants to bring for lunches. Then create a shopping list that may turn into a fun trip to the grocery store for all of you as a family. Check out the school calendar to decide what days your kiddos may want to buy lunch. Then get all

this great planning on your calendar at home so that everyone can be on the same page and therefore take the stress out of, “what are we doing for lunch?”

Secondly, let's set your house up for school. Do we have a designated homework area? Where will homework happen? If you already have this setup, kudos to you! Or maybe the virtual/ home school classroom is still set up from last year. Well, hey you can still check it off the list! Great job Mom, you're now ahead of the game! But back to being real, if we have a spot that’s laid out for our kiddos and they know it is for them it takes a lot of the stress off their plate because we’re setting up for good habits and expectations in the coming school year. This also puts our kids in more control, taking away some of their stress, by letting them know they have their own space and what the expectations are.

So after we PRE- game and set ourselves up for SUCCESS! Let’s PRACTICE!!

As the school year is starting, start practicing good stress management habits.

BE positive!!!

  • Talk it out- make sure your children know there is always an open door to talk about what may be stressing them or on their mind.

  • Establish and KEEP practicing these good habits; make them good ROUTINES!

  • Set good expectations; talk about them with your kids so they know what is expected of them.

With those good routines….. GET ADJUSTED and stay adjusted!!! If you're already on a wellness plan then STAY on your wellness plan! Your body is tied together by ONE big thing: your Nervous System!! Your BRAIN!! If your brain is under stress then everything else in your whole body is!!!

And after that, make sure you keep up with the good basics,

  • Get your SLEEP! GO to bed EARLY!!

  • Take your supplements and VITAMINS to help your body stay healthy

  • DRINK your WATER, remember your body needs half your bodyweight in ounces of water

  • Be active with your Kiddos, MOVEment is one of the best medicines!

  • Finally, be involved in your kiddos lives!! Ask them about their day and really LISTEN when they tell you about it. Volunteer and be involved at their school. You will know, learn, and be so much more connected to your child by being present with them in their life; Than you could ever do or be by just scheduling them to be the successful high achieving kiddos you have planned, prayed, and worked so hard for.



Remember at the end of the day we want what’s best for them.

Healthy. Happy. Kiddos.

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