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How to Help Your Family Overcome Back-to-School Stress

Written By Loving Health Chiropractic on September 25, 2020

rsz fatigueWith the summer winding down, kids are returning to school. It can be a stressful time for parents and children alike.

Identifying sources of anxiety for yourself and your family allows you to take proactive steps towards stress prevention.

Common Reasons for Back-to-School Stress

Stress makes it impossible to enjoy everyday life. It also negatively impacts health, increasing the risk of disturbances in the digestive, immune, and cardiovascular systems.

Protect your family's health by addressing these common triggers.

Overloading the Family Schedule

Back to school means back to activities. Kids don't just have class. They also have sports, music lessons, birthday parties, school assemblies, and more. Trying to do it all will leave you and your little ones stressed.

Limit the number of extracurricular activities your kids do. Restrict your participation as a parent too. There's no need to bake the cupcakes for every bake sale and chaperone every field trip.

Failing to Communicate

As the family gets caught up in the rush of fall activities, your quality time decreases. There are no leisurely family breakfasts when the kids have to hustle to get to school. Make time to talk.

Identifying signs of stress is especially important for children who can't yet verbalize their emotions. Kids might complain of stomachaches, get clingier, or become irritable when they are stressed.

If you see these signs, open up a conversation about what might be scaring or stressing them.

Neglecting Diet & Exercise

The busy fall season makes it harder to keep up with diet and exercise routines. To ensure you're still giving your kids the nutritious meals they need, try meal prepping and packing lunches in advance.

As for yourself, make sure to carve out time for some physical activity. It's proven to relieve stress. If time is limited, even simple at-home exercises are beneficial.

Stress Management Support in Troy, Michigan

If you're struggling with back-to-school stress, Loving Health Chiropractor of Troy can help. This full-service healthcare provider offers therapeutic massage and chiropractic treatments to alleviate immediate stress, while also providing diet and exercise guidance. Their team treats children and adults.

Start your path towards a less stressed life today. Book an appointment by calling (248) 524-2223.

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