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Massage Therapy: Are There Benefits to Combining It with Chiropractic?

Written By Loving Health Chiropractic on May 6, 2020

Massage TherapyEveryone loves a good massage.  

Massage therapy in Troy is something that can significantly reduce pain and promote relaxation and stress reduction. 

When you combine massage with chiropractic care, though, you end up with profound results. 

Why Massage Therapists Use Multiple Massage Therapy Techniques 

Massage therapy isn’t just about easing tense muscles – it’s about healing the body. 

Reducing muscle tension is important because it allows for better blood and lymph flow. Improved flow means that vital nutrients are delivered to your muscles and organs and that disease-causing toxins are released. Regular massage therapy in Troy can do much to improve your overall health. 

To that end, the massage therapists at Loving Health Chiropractic employ multiple massage modalities. 

Massage Therapy Techniques 

Why Invest in Massage with Chiropractic Care in Troy?

Dr. Katie Grech, D.C. believes in treating the whole body, not just the spine. She knows that the spine can impact multiple parts of the body and vice versa. 

Combining multiple treatments, like a massage with chiropractic care, allows her to treat things like low back pain and headaches, while at the same time helping you achieve better overall health. 

Both modes of treatment help reduce inflammation and muscle restriction. When this happens, the body can function properly. 

A massage relaxes your muscles, making chiropractic adjustments easier and more effective. You’ll get: 

  • Longer-lasting results
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Less pain

You can even boost your immune health by improving bodily function with a combination of these treatments. 

Choose the Professionals Who Always Look for Ways to Help

One of the things that draws so many people to Loving Health Chiropractic is that every member of the team is constantly busy helping others. 

Even when they aren’t in the office trying to find the best ways to ease their patients’ painful symptoms, they’re out in their community assisting others, educating them on wellness topics, and empowering them. 

And they’ll do the same for you so you can live a pain-free happy, healthy, and active life. 

Are you ready to ease your tired muscles and reduce some stress? Contact us today at 248-524-2223 to schedule an appointment with one of our massage therapists.

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