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How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Text Neck?

Written By Loving Health Chiropractic on February 20, 2020

Text Neck Treatment in Troy MichiganText neck is a modern term that refers to neck pain that stems from looking down at handheld devices for prolonged periods of time. It was coined by Dr. DL Fishman, a renowned chiropractor in the U.S.  

With the increase in the usage of technological devices, text neck is fast becoming a common problem, especially among younger people. The back is hunched over, causing intense pressure on the neck. 

While phones are not the only culprits, the posture assumed when using mobile devices is the most common cause of text neck. 

How Can You Tell If You Have Text Neck?

If you often use handheld devices, it would be helpful to stay vigilant for signs of text neck. It’s important to nip the problem in the bud by getting neck pain treatment before it has a chance to do more damage. 

If you notice any of the following, you are probably suffering from text neck:

  • Pain While Using Handheld Devices: If you feel instant or slowly building neck pain while using a mobile device. This may also be felt at the upper back.
  • Postural fatigue at the end of the day: If your work involves sitting in place and looking at several screens throughout the day, you may feel concentrated fatigue in your neck and shoulders.
  • Recurring headaches: If you often have headaches that get worse when you are looking down or using a screen, you will benefit from neck pain treatment.

Improving your posture is key to getting rid of text neck permanently. Chiropractors provide some of the best neck pain treatments to eliminate text neck. And Loving Health Chiropractic’s Dr. Katie Grech, D.C., and her team are ready to help with your neck pain and advise ways to maintain a neutral position when using devices.

To schedule an appointment for neck pain treatment in Troy, Michigan, contact at Loving Health Chiropractic or call (248) 524-2223.

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