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3 Scary Halloween Sugar Effects 

Written By Loving Health Chiropractic on October 4, 2019

Happy child Ever wondered what the scariest thing about Halloween is? 

When it comes to Halloween it may be the second most favored holiday, after Christmas. With its scary stories or monsters, kids just can’t get enough! But even scarier than the ghost stories or the monsters that come out during the night is the sugar effects from all the Halloween candy.

Negative Effects of Halloween Sugar

While your kids are out trick or treating and having fun it may be difficult to remember how bad Halloween sugar can be for their health. Here are three negative effects of Halloween sugar everyone should remember.

1. Fatigue 

When we eat too much sugar, it reduces the activity of orexin cells which regulate our arousal and wakefulness. The less sugar we eat, the more active our orexin cells are, keeping us awake and full of energy. 

2. Sleep Disturbance 

Sugar can have a very powerful hold on us, especially during the late hours of the night.  As we eat, we accumulate high amounts of sugar that build and linger in our blood stream. Once we’re sleeping the lingering sugar can wake us from deep slumber even if we don’t fully open our eyes. 

3. Interferes With Joints 

Sugar is associated with stiff ligaments. This is because a process called glycation occurs when sugar bonds with proteins in our tissues, which can cause pain and stiffness. If children continue to consume high quantities of sugar as they age, chances increase of developing joint pain, or even osteoarthritis. 

Minimize the Effects of Halloween Sugar with Chiropractic 

Sleep disturbance, ligament interference, and fatigue are all symptoms of nervous system interference. Chiropractic care can help alleviate you and your children of any issues with the nervous system caused by sugar.

This Halloween visit us in the Troy, Michigan area. Call (248) 524-2223 to schedule an appointment.  

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