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Does Your Kid’s Backpacks Allow for Good Posture? 

Written By Loving Health Chiropractic on September 4, 2019

Happy children with good postureIs your child always slouching?

If so, there might be more to the story than just a bad habit or teenage attitude. 

Too often, bad posture is the result of bad backpack wearing habits. Some of the blame is on the fact that today’s kids carry so much weight on a regular basis, between laptops, textbooks, and science projects. The other half of the blame might be because their backpack doesn’t fit well.  

You might not be able to control how much homework your child is assigned, but you can limit the impact of backpack wearing on your child’s posture by following the steps outlined below. 

2 Steps to Keep Good Posture With Kid’s Backpacks 

To ensure the best posture while wearing a backpack, it's important to:

1. Ensure Proper Fit

Proper fit for a backpack means that the bag is not sitting too far away from the body. The bag should be strapped tightly around the shoulders and chest to ensure the bag is right up against the upper back. It shouldn’t be swaying from side to side, or too low down on the lower back. Make sure your child is in the habit of wearing their backpack with both straps, as this is one common reason kids end up with bad posture.

2. Watch the Weight 

Although parents can’t control how much homework is assigned to be completed at a given time, they can encourage their kids to carry some books in their hand. If this is not possible, consider getting a rolling backpack.

Check Your Child’s Nervous System Before Heading Back to School 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, kids don’t wear their backpacks properly. Help your children be the best version of themselves this year by getting their nervous systems checked. 

If you’re in the Troy, Michigan area, contact us today at (248) 524-2223 to schedule an appointment. 

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